Solving the Problem of Problem-Solving
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Matters.Global is a collaborative problem solving platform accessible for everyone who is interested in understanding and finding answers to humanity's big questions.
Our aim is to maximally accelerate the discovery process of solutions for the world's biggest problems. By simplifying the complexity, defining the step-by-step road maps and making the issues understandable for a wider audience, we are scaling the number of people who can contribute to solving them.
About us
Matters.Global is a Sonophilia Foundation Project. Sonophilia is committed to the duty to see that every human on the planet believes in their creative potential and can contribute to solving the most pressing challenges of our time. Our mission is to enable a creative transformation of society at scale by building and sharing networks and tools for the global community.
Who We Are is an initiative by the Sonophilia Foundation and is supported by a group of its benefactors.
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"If you can dream it, you can build it!"
-- Walt Disney
Why do we do it?
We want to maximally accelerate the discovery process of solutions for the world's biggest problems.
Many big problems are complex, and complexity often creates barriers of entry. At Matters.Global we want to make it possible for more people to contribute to making the world a better place. Therefore, we strive to define and reframe problems in simple and clear language that is accessible to more people.
We believe that a good idea does not need a degree or a certificate. It can come from every person. Therefore we invite everyone to join Matters.Global who wants to move humanity forward through creative collaboration and problem-solving.

How do worlds biggest problems relate? What concrete sub-questions do we have to answer before moving on to the next level? What solutions do we already have, and how can we distribute those evenly? Beyond being a collaborative problem-solving platform, Matters.Global is a step-by-step canvas to humanity's biggest questions.
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